Do Not Let The Negative Reviews Scare You!

One of the FemmyCycle reviews on Amazon altered us to the fact that most negative reviews in the site, are not truthful and perhaps written by the competition to sway away customers from purchasing the FemmyCycle. In fact, claiming in their reviews that the FemmyCycle does not work, or is a bad product and advice customers to not purchase our menstrual cup.

The following is an excerpt from one of the reviews from a verified user at

Most [reviews] claim it causes cervical prolapse or other damage, but it’s most likely they had a low cervix to begin with or some other medical problem. Even with that said, I was TERRIFIED to try this because of them. I almost bought something else, but the good reviews raved about it and I loved the whole idea and design. Even an online friend said hers was amazing, so I gave it a try and I’m so glad I did! I can’t even feel it once it’s inserted and removal was so easy with the little ring… I highly recommend this product. I switched from Diva cup because it gave me lower back pain, but with this cup there was no pain or discomfort once my body adjusted!

We realized and acknowledge that the FemmyCycle is perhaps not suitable for every woman, but we accept both positive and negative feedback from verified users.

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