Fan Review: “Different is better”

This review is written by FemmyCycle customer Erin on June 2016.  To read full review click here.

These are amazing. My first thought was that I was going to need the smaller cup of the two. Which made the starter pack a great idea. Upon using the normal sized cup, I learned that it works great and fits properly.When I first began using cups, I started with a diva cup and I faced daily spill issues, and when using the cup over night would wake up to a near accident every morning as the cup would seem to collapse in on itself and spill over every single time. I hated it and felt like with all cups being similar in shape and design to the diva, that maybe I needed to try something different. These are it. Don’t let the different shape and size scare you. They take some getting used to just as all new cups are as we learn. Once you get it down on how to insert and remove, it’s just as simple and can be done in seconds. My favorite part about the Femmy cup is that doesn’t spill as you remove it. All the fluid is kept inside the cup as your remove it and doesn’t spill all over. It is worth the price. You won’t be let down.

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