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This review is written by FemmyCycle customer Jennifer R on July 2016. This is an excerpt of the review. To read full review click here.

I broke it down into sections: ME, THE CUP, MY METHOD, THE BENEFITS, SOME TIPS, & PICTURES. I had a lot of questions and I hope this will help answer yours. Just a little warning: The “me” section is a little graphic, but I thought it was important to understand the rest.


A little background info. about my menstrual cycle: Endometriosis runs in my family. I have really intense periods. Like cramps so bad I have to stay curled up on the couch in agony-I’m not kidding. I have to take Vicodin to make it bearable, as in still have really bad cramps but I can function, except… I bleed so much that I soak through a super absorbency tampon & a night-time pad (t/p) in 30-45 minutes. I can’t go to work, run errands, or hardly sleep because I have to change my tampon/pad every hour or I end up leaking on everything.

That goes on for about 2.5/3 days. Usually, during this time, I will sit on the toilet & just let it flow, so I don’t have to keep going back & forth between the bathroom & living room. I probably spend about 3+ hours a day on the toilet. After that, it mellows out a bit & I can go a couple of hours between changing my t/p combo for the next few days. Every time I have to change my t/p, it looks like a murder scene. I won’t go into detail, but for those who know, well, you know.


I started looking into menstrual cups for a cleaner, nature friendly, relatively (it’s all relative, isn’t it?) odorless solution for a backpacking trip coming up.  I was really interested in the no-spill part, & the pull loop looked like it would be easier to grab then the straight tails on the others. It’s seems big, but it is smooth, very soft, & very squish-able. They come in 2 sizes, regular & low cervix. If you’re not sure if you have a low cervix, ask your ObGyn/doctor.

This is the 3rd period I have used my cup. The first period I used it I got the cup properly placed about 50% of the time. I wore one of my pads just in case I did it wrong. The 2nd & 3rd time had no issues with leaking or placement, aside from the usual small amount that comes out when putting in a tampon. Actually less. I still wear a panty liner during the day to “catch” this tiny residual amount, & a nighttime pad during the night in case I don’t wake up to empty the cup 2 times a night. Did you hear that? I actually get to sleep when I use my cup!! At my heaviest flow I can go 1.5-2 hours before I have to empty the cup during the day. There is a very small amount of discomfort but only for a moment until it “adjusts” itself after inserting, but nothing like the discomfort (irritation from the dryness & abrasiveness) from using super absorbent tampons. I can’t feel it once it’s fully in, & a moment later I forget it’s even there. 🙂


I pull it out slowly over the toilet in a slight squat, flip the top open, & empty it into the toilet. I wash the cup with soap & water, then squirt some peroxide in/on it, shake it off, & re-insert it. I fold it in half at the mark & hold it so the open side of the fold is on the bottom (like an “n” not a “u”). I angle it diagonally toward the back of my uterus instead of straight up. Almost all the air will squeeze out as you put it in, but that’s what you want. The suction is what pulls the blood into the cup. When I put it in I insert the cup fully but don’t push it way up. I can easily feel the ring at the entrance. I find that the cup will “pull” itself the rest of the way into position (so that I actually have to insert a finger tip to feel the ring). Don’t worry, it won’t get lost. It just kind of settles into place. You’ll find the perfect way to do it for you.

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