Fan Review: “When I got it out of the package I was like….”

This review is written by FemmyCycle customer Laura on June 2016.  To read full review click here.

This was the very first cup that I have ever used and it has changed my life! I choose it for it’s non spill design over other cups.
When I got it out of the package I was like ” wow this is kind of big” but after researching different ways of folding it and learning that it is NOT designed to open all the way I tried it and it worked. I did not feel it at all when it was in. It took a little practice and sometimes it pops open and I have to refold it and try again but since I usually only have to change it 2-4 times a day its not bad. I have a really heavy flow and had to sometimes use a tampon every 90 mins. While on a regular to light flow you can definitely get away with changing the cup every 12 hours, on a really heavy flow I would recommend changing it ever 5 or 6 hours as one time I didn’t and it spilled when I removed it because it was so full. Normally spilling is not a problem though. I have had zero leaks, even after sleeping with it in all night with a heavy flow. I like that it is medical grade silicon and has no surface for bacteria to breed. I also found the ring handle to be very useful. The key is to tug on it slightly after you insert it to get it to create a suction. I read reviews that due to this suction feature it could shorten your period and I didn’t believe it at all. But my period is always 7 days long and since using this it has been 5. Amazing! I will never go back to tampons again, I highly recommend trying this, it makes having a period so much easier!

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