Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to order the correct size FemmyCycle?

When choosing which model of the FemmyCycle is right for you, it is critical to find your cervix.  Please follow these very easy instructions to locate your cervix. To get the most accurate measurement, please measure the distance between the vaginal opening and the cervix during menstruation, since the cervix is lower during menstruation. Follow the instruction below:

Stand with one leg raised up on the toilet seat, and insert your index finger into the vagina.

If your finger is inserted as far as it will go and you do not feel the cervix, the best choice for you is the regular FemmyCycle.


Or if your finger is inserted as far as will go, but you can just touch your cervix, the best choice for you is the regular FemmyCycle.

If you can touch your cervix by your finger until the second knuckle, the best choice for you is the low cervix FemmyCycle.


If you can touch your cervix by inserting only one knuckle, then do not order the FemmyCycle as it needs a minimum of two inches.

If you are a teenager or a small woman who has never been pregnant, then please order the Teen size.

2. What is the FemmyCycle?

The FemmyCycle is a unique, soft, medical grade silicone menstrual cup that collects your menstrual flow up to 12 hours. Helps you stay fresh, clean and confident during your period.

3. How does the FemmyCycle work? How can I get the FemmyCycle to open more?

When folded, the FemmyCycle is shaped like a tampon making it easy to insert. Once inserted, it opens up gradually to collect menstrual flow. If you want the FemmyCycle to open more: You many insert your finger between the wall of the vagina and press over the convex part of the C (as shown in the picture below). This allows the cup to to open more and get some air to open the FemmyCycle.


Then simply remove the FemmyCycle after 12 hours (or sooner depending on your flow) using the built-in removal ring.

Please watch this video, for another method to open the FemmyCycle menstrual cup:

4. How to minimize the suction?

To minimize the suction that may happen during removal, make sure there is air in the cup; to keep air in the cup, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are using the correct size in case you have a low cervix.
  2. Use tulip or punch down fold, and keep the opening of the fold towards the back of the vagina → Ↄ (the rectum)
  3. Do NOT compress the body of the cup, just the rim and insert it very slowly.
  4. Stop pushing, as soon as the removal ring enters the vaginal opening, if it entered too deep, pull the ring out a little to make sure the ring almost at the vaginal opening.
  5. Place the FemmyCycle below the cervix without touching it.
  6. Squat and bear down as you are having a bowel movement.
  7. Squeeze the bottom of the cup. Try to wiggle it down before removing it, do NOT pull it straight out.
  8. Please feel free to call or write if you have any questions.

5. Does the FemmyCycle leak overnight?

Unlike tampons or pads, the FemmyCycle protects your undergarments, pajamas and sheets while you sleep. The FemmyCycle has a 12 hour leak protection and is very effective for overnight use.

6. How is the FemmyCycle different from other menstrual cups?

The FemmyCycle has a unique design and lid that keeps the menstrual flow from spilling outside the vagina. Also, unlike all other menstrual cups, the FemmyCycle unfolds slowly and gradually once it’s inserted into the vagina. The FemmyCycle does not have any holes at the rim and with its innovative design, we can assure you that this cup is the best choice for you.

7. What are the measurements and specifications of the FemmyCycle’s three sizes?

SizesDiameter of the rimHeight without
the removal ring
Height with the
removal ring
Teen3.1 cm3.8 cm5.7 cm17.5 mL
Regular3.6 cm4.3 cm6.3 cm30 mL
Low Cervix3.6 cm4.3 cm5.0 cm30 mL

Note: Cannot be used for very low cervix, lower than 2” from the vaginal opening or any degree of prolapse.

The FemmyCycle menstrual cup is made of medical grade silicone. It has no engraving in order to avoid any possibility of creating a place for bacteria or viruses to hide. The FemmyCycle is transparent and has no coloring to enhance visibility of residual menstrual fluid inside the cup.

Sterilizing the FemmyCycle is very easy, first, simply submerge the menstrual cup in a solution of 10% white vinegar and 90% water for 30 minutes. It is recommended to sterilize the FemmyCycle before and after the period is completed. Do not forget to rinse the cup thoroughly after soaking. Also, be sure to not store the FemmyCycle near sunlight or UV light rays. Please keep the FemmyCycle in its carrying bag in a cool, dry place.

8. How long does the FemmyCycle last before I must replace it?

The FemmyCycle can last up to two years with proper care.

9. How can I empty the FemmyCycle without putting my finger in the opening to lift the lid?

Please lift the lid with a Q-tip, then empty the cup and throw away the Q-tip in the trash.

10. Is the FemmyCycle easy to use?

The FemmyCycle is easy to use with minimal instruction.

11. How can I make the insertion easier?

Use the C fold or tulip fold, or tuck on side in, and wrap the other side around to create the tulip (Origami) or punch down fold. You may also lubricate the rim with water soluble lubricant such as K-Y Jelly or coconut oil.

12. How can I make removal easier?

Squeeze the bottom of the menstrual cup, then try to wiggle it down before removing. Do NOT pull it straight out. If this fails, please use a very long piece of waxed clear dental floss, and fold it three times. Make it triple thick, and loop the floss through the removal ring. Please  leave about 4 inches of the floss outside the vagina, similar to a tampon string. This will make the removal easier and simple without putting your finger inside.

13. What are the causes of leakage? and How I can prevent it?

The FemmyCycle is easy to use, and has an up to 12 hour leak protection. However, some women may experience some light leakage. To prevent this, empty your bladder as this will provide room for the FemmyCycle and would feel more comfortable.

The main causes of leakage:

  1. Prolapse or very low cervix: If the cervix is prolapsed or very low (less that 2 inches from the vaginal opening).
  2. If the cervix is tilted too much in any direction towards the front, back or sides. In such case the blood will be gushing against the wall of the vagina and not inside the cup.
  3. If the cup is pushed too far in- causing the cup to be placed next to the cervix. For the FemmyCycle to work properly it must be placed BELOW the cervix. Therefore, you should not push the cup too far in, please stop pushing the cup as soon as the removal ring enters the vaginal opening.

Also you may try to close the rim of the FemmyCycle firmly and fold it into a tight U shape, or also use the punch down, or the 7 fold. Make sure you also lubricate the rim with water-soluble lubricant such as K-Y Jelly. Insert the FemmyCycle into the vagina very slowly with the opening of the fold facing the back (the rectum). You may also insert your finger between the back walls of the vagina and the opening of the fold to allow some air to open the FemmyCycle more.

14. Is the FemmyCycle easy to clean?

The FemmyCycle is easy to clean, simply empty the contents into the toilet and use liquid soap and warm water to clean the cup, then rinse thoroughly. Keep in mind that you should sterilize the FemmyCycle twice a month, before and after your period. Soak the cup in 10% white vinegar and 90% water for 30 minutes, or 5% Clorax (bleach) then rinse thoroughly. You may boil it once a month for ONLY 5 minutes (repeated boiling can degrade the Silicone).

15. Do blood clots obstruct the opening of the FemmyCycle lid?

Not at all. The blood in its fluid state can get into the hole of the lid, even if it is folded. Also softer blood clots can get squeezed into the opening of the lid due to the vacuum effect inside the cup. Cleaning the FemmyCycle is easy even with big blood clots.

16. What is the size and holding capacity of the FemmyCycle?

The FemmyCycle measures about 2 inches long per 1.5 inches wide (5cm long x 4cm wide) and has the capacity of holding 0.5oz- 1 oz. (15cc- 30cc) of menstrual fluid.

The average menstrual flow during an entire period is about 1-1.5 oz. (30-45 ml) or roughly 2 to 3 tablespoons, thus, you can be assured that the FemmyCycle can effectively collect the menstrual flow for up to 12 hours. The FemmyCycle comes in three sizes (Regular, Low Cervix and Teen) to accommodate almost all women.

17. Will I feel the FemmyCycle while using it?

Not at all. The FemmyCycle is very comfortable and discreet as a tampon.

18. Can I use the FemmyCycle if I am using an IUD?

Yes, the FemmyCycle can be used if you are using an Intrauterine Device (IUD).

Please see the links below for reference:



19. Will I notice odor when I am using the FemmyCycle?

You won’t notice odor, nor will anyone else.

20. Why do I need to replace the FemmyCycle each year or two while other menstrual cups can last up to 10 years?

It is well established that some yeast or fungal organisms can grow on silicone devices and cause persistent yeast infections. Using a new FemmyCycle each year will minimize the possibility of fungal growth. Even with a yearly replacement, the FemmyCycle is still more economical and environmentally friendly than pads or tampons.

In Vitro ingrowth of yeasts into medical grade silicone rubber

21. Can I have intercourse while using the FemmyCycle?

It is not recommended to have penetrative intercourse while using the FemmyCycle.

22. Can I return the FemmyCycle if I cannot learn how to use it?

Unfortunately, the FemmyCycle cannot be returned due to hygiene and sanitation.

23. How does the FemmyCycle prevent leakage if it does not open completely?

When the FemmyCycle is partially open, it creates a negative pressure that withdraws the blood inside the cup.  The vagina surrounds and comforms the FemmyCycle to fill up any gaps or dents, thus, preventing the blood from escaping and causing a leak.

24. Why is the widest part of the FemmyCycle pointing to the vaginal opening?

All currently available menstrual cups are cone shaped with narrowest part pointing to the opening of the vagina, which causes for expelled if the woman coughs or sneezes.

The FemmyCycle is the ONLY cup that is designed with the widest part pointing to the vaginal opening, therefore, if a woman coughs or sneezes the FemmyCycle should NOT be expelled.

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