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The FemmyCycle menstrual cup features:

  • Patented no-spill design
  • Effective for up to 12 hours
  • Designed by a physician
  • Reusable, clean and hygienic
  • Manufactured in the United States with medical grade silicone
  • Protects the environment

Read below for information regarding size selection.
Note: Cannot be used for very low cervix, lower than 2'' from the vaginal opening or any degree of prolapse.



The FemmyCycle menstrual cup is comfortable and has a no spill design. This cup is the only one designed by a physician with a patented no spill design that will hold menstrual flow for up to 12 hours. It is safe, cost effective and minimizes the mess and leakage associated with almost all other feminine sanitary products. The FemmyCycle can be worn during sleep, exercise and other daily activities making it ideal for athletes and working women.

When choosing which model of the FemmyCycle is the right one for your use, you need to find your cervix. Please follow these very easy instructions to locate your cervix. Please note to get the most accurate measurement, please measure the cervix during menstruation since the cervix lowers down.

Stand with one leg raised up on the toilet seat, and insert your index finger into the vagina:

  • If your finger is inserted as far as it will go and you do not feel the cervix, the best choice for you is the regular FemmyCycle
  • If your finger is inserted as far as will go, but you can just touch your cervix, the best choice for you is the regular FemmyCycle
  • If you can only insert your finger until the second knuckle, the best choice for you is the low cervix FemmyCycle.                                            Note: Cannot be used for very low cervix, lower than 2” from the vaginal opening or any degree of prolapse.
SizesDiameter of the rimHeight without the removal ringHeight with the removal ringCapacity
Teen3.1 cm3.8 cm5.7 cm17.5 mL
Regular3.6 cm4.3 cm6.3 cm30 mL
Low Cervix3.6 cm4.3 cm5.0 cm30 mL

Note: Cannot be used for very low cervix, lower than 2” from the vaginal opening or any degree of prolapse. 

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  1. Finally a Cup That Won’t Leak for Mamas Who Have Had More Than 3 Vaginal Births!
    ByTandSon May 16, 2016
    Verified Purchase
    I’ve used a menstrual cup for about a year and a half. The first one I tried was the Diva cup. It leaked consistently for the first two or 3 days of my cycle every time, even though I troubleshot and looked up multiple articles and tips and tricks to stop leaks. I’ve had 5 vaginal births, so I assumed leaks were unavoidable in my case. I finally started looking into other brands and couldn’t convince myself to buy any others because other than stem styles and ribbing, most are shaped identically. When I saw the Femmycycle, I had an “aha” moment. This could be “the one.” I was right. The very first day of my cycle, I put it in and actually forgot about it. It was in for 12 hours with ZERO leaks. Not a spot of blood on my pantyliner. When I went to take it out, I assumed my period was unusually light for a first day. Wrong. It was completely full, to the brim. The second time I put it in, I did not get it right. My flow went right past the opening. So, there is a learning curve. You have to make sure it opens up partially. If you feel around, it will almost seem like a triangular shape once it is in. But once you get it, the Femmycycle doesn’t fail. Don’t give up if you have tried cups and always leaked. This one is a winner.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 starsDont let the negative reviews scare you!
    ByAmazon Customeron May 11, 2016
    Verified Purchase
    I made the mistake of reading nearly every negative review of this product. Most of them claim it causes cervical prolapse or other damage, but it’s most likely they had a low cervix to begin with or some other medical problem. Even with that said, I was TERRIFIED to try this because of them. I almost bought something else, but the good reviews raved about it and I loved the whole idea and design. Even an online friend said hers was amazing, so I gave it a try and I’m so glad I did! I can’t even feel it once it’s inserted and removal was so easy with the little ring. It did leak a bit, but I think that was user error and not a flaw in the cup. I have heard this one has a steeper learning curve than most. I highly recommend this product. I switched from Diva cup because it gave me lower back pain, but with this cup there was no pain or discomfort once my body adjusted!

  3. I use the low cervix Femmycycle. I LOVE IT!! My cervix is so low I think it is about to fall out of my vagina. Here is what I have learned from menstrual cups that is really not mentioned on the websites, blogs or YouTube videos. Here it is…you have got to make sure your cervix is in the cup once you insert the cup.

    Once the cup is inserted, I ALWAYS have to take my finger (or fingers) and push my cup over my low very left tilted cervix. One the Femmycycle and my cervix meet, the two become one! AND…

    You HAVE to get familiar with your cervix. “Hello cervix. My name is Such and such. How are you today? How are you feeling? Are you feeling high today or are you feeling low?”

    Our cervix moves quite often during our cycle. If it is sitting low then you definitely need a low cervix cup but on the days where it is sitting high or medium I would suggest using the regular Femmycycle cup. (but you don’t have. I honestly use my low cervix cup on my high cervix days but I am going to stop doing that because it is really difficult for me to take out my low cervix cup when my cervix is sitting high)

    Also, I don’t experience pain with this cup. I don’t even feel it. It does not hurt going in and it does not hurt coming out. I read reviews and blogs about that but I have not had those experiences. This is the fourth menstrual cup that I have bought. I bought the Blossom, Lena, Lily and this one. I liked the Lena and Lily but I definitely like the Femmycycle cup the best. If you look at a cup comparison, you will notice that the Femmycycle is one of the smallest in diameter. i’ve been using it for three months

  4. Do Not Believe Negative Reviews On The FemmyCycle!
    I used tampons for my main protection with pads as a backup. Then I use Lily menstrual cup which was very uncomfortable, leaked all the time and the stem poked me.
    Then I used the FemmyCycle which was superior to any method I had used before.
    The FemmyCycle is easy to insert and very easy to remove and NEVER leaked. The FemmyCycle has large capacity that I can keep it for 12 hours or more. The BEST thing of the FemmyCycle it did shorten my period from 5 days to ONLY 3 days and it is so comfortable I cant even feel it. If you have any questions regarding the FemmyCycle feel free to ask me. I love the FemmyCycle will never go back to any other method.

  5. 5.0 out of 5 starsBest Menstrual Cup Ever
    Bymiaon June 4, 2016
    Verified Purchase
    Please don’t be scared of this product for any reason! The FemmyCycle cup is amazing! It is the only cup that I know of that is suitable for women who have a low cervix, which is why I decided to try it out. Anyone can wear this cup as there are 3 different sizes to choose from, compared to the 2 sizes that most brands offer. It is very comfortable; I cannot feel it at all once it is inserted like I could with other cups. The cup is high-quality, well-built, and very flexible to allow for a perfect fit. If you are intimidated by the cup’s shape, don’t worry because the design is amazing. When inserted, the cup forms to your body and creates a comfortable, leak-proof seal. Removing the cup is painless and mess free. If you have any questions, please contact the company; the customer service is outstanding! The FemmyCycle will change your life!

  6. Very impressed. I’ve tried multiple cups for the past 2 years with no luck. They all leaked like crazy but not the femmycycle. I have a heavy flow with a very low cervix and I can keep this cup in for 12 hrs with no leaks.

  7. (verified owner)

    Okay let me just tell you I’ve been using tampons my whole life, I’ve always found them uncomfortable and a lot of the time it would hurt to remove but it was what I was used to. When I heard of a menstrual cup I was intrigued, yet I was a bit apprehensive of any cup at all, after doing some research I found the FemmyCycle. My curiosity got the best of me and even though I was apprehensive at first… my whole period world changed for ever!!! Needless to say I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with my FemmyCycle. I put it in and wore it for 9 hours not only could I not feel it, it was super easy to get in and out. ( I purchased the teen even though I am in my late twenties). I had zero problems with leaking and loved the fact that I didn’t have to pull anything out or replace anything throughout my entire serving shift! I am definitely a fan and will most certainly be purchasing a few more shortly!!! 5 stars all day every day!

  8. FemmyCup is Awesome! This is the only review you need to read. :-p
    ByJennifer R.on July 7, 2016
    Verified Purchase
    I wrote a lot, so I broke it down into sections: ME, THE CUP, MY METHOD, THE BENEFITS, SOME TIPS, & PICTURES. I had a lot of questions and I hope this will help answer yours.


    A little background info. about my menstrual cycle: Endometriosis runs in my family. I have really intense periods. Like cramps so bad I have to stay curled up on the couch in agony-I’m not kidding. I have to take Vicodin to make it bearable, as in still have really bad cramps but I can function, except… I bleed so much that I soak through a super absorbency tampon & a night-time pad (t/p) in 30-45 minutes. I can’t go to work, run errands, or hardly sleep because I have to change my tampon/pad every hour or I end up leaking on everything.

    That goes on for about 2.5/3 days. Usually, during this time, I will sit on the toilet & just let it flow, so I don’t have to keep going back & forth between the bathroom & living room. I probably spend about 3+ hours a day on the toilet. After that, it mellows out a bit & I can go a couple of hours between changing my t/p combo for the next few days. Every time I have to change my t/p, it looks like a murder scene. I won’t go into detail, but for those who know, well, you know.

    THE CUP:

    I started looking into menstrual cups for a cleaner, nature friendly, relatively (it’s all relative, isn’t it?) odorless solution for a backpacking trip coming up. This was one of the last cups I stumbled on. I was really interested in the no-spill part, & the pull loop looked like it would be easier to grab then the straight tails on the others. It’s seems big, but it is smooth, very soft, & very squishable. They come in 2 sizes, regular & low cervix. If you’re not sure if you have a low cervix, ask your ObGyn/doctor.

    I paid $60 for a 2-pack. I’m very frugal, but when I added how much money I spend on t/p, the extra toilet paper, soap, & laundry detergent every year, the $ isn’t that bad. I read some great reviews that said 1 cup can easily last 2 years with proper care. Since I bought the 2-pack it’s a really good deal, cheaper than buying my usual period supplies (& I buy from Costco).

    This is the 3rd period I have used my cup. The first period I used it I got the cup properly placed about 50% of the time. I wore one of my pads just in case I did it wrong. The 2nd & 3rd time had no issues with leaking or placement, aside from the usual small amount that comes out when putting in a tampon. Actually less. I still wear a panty liner during the day to “catch” this tiny residual amount, & a nighttime pad during the night in case I don’t wake up to empty the cup 2 times a night. Did you hear that? I actually get to sleep when I use my cup!! At my heaviest flow I can go 1.5-2 hours before I have to empty the cup during the day. There is a very small amount of discomfort but only for a moment until it “adjusts” itself after inserting, but nothing like the discomfort (irritation from the dryness & abrasivness) from using super absorbent tampons. I can’t feel it once it’s fully in, & a moment later I forget it’s even there. 🙂


    I pull it out slowly over the toilet in a slight squat, flip the top open, & empty it into the toilet. I wash the cup with soap & water, then squirt some peroxide in/on it, shake it off, & re-insert it. I fold it in half at the mark & hold it so the open side of the fold is on the bottom (like an “n” not a “u”). I angle it diagonally toward the back of my uterus instead of straight up. Almost all the air will squeeze out as you put it in, but that’s what you want. The suction is what pulls the blood into the cup. When I put it in I insert the cup fully but don’t push it way up. I can easily feel the ring at the entrance. I find that the cup will “pull” itself the rest of the way into position (so that I actually have to insert a finger tip to feel the ring). Don’t worry, it won’t get lost. It just kind of settles into place. You’ll find the perfect way to do it for you.

    THE BENEFITS (for me)

    -Doesn’t spill when taken out like other menstrual cups (so I’ve read)
    -Doesn’t leak
    -Stays put better than tampons
    -Less messy to use than my usual t/p
    -Cheap (cost over time)
    -Less Cramps! vs tampons
    -Environmentally friendly
    -Don’t have to worry about TSS
    -So comfortable I forget it’s there
    -Blood isn’t exposed to air or the drying & abrasive effects of tampons, so less clots, browning of blood, & no funky odor
    -Made of food grade silicon so if you have a latex/rubber allergy have no fear (I do)


    -Make sure your nails are short & the edges filed smooth.

    -Always, always, wash the cup with soap before & after use, & let thoroughly AIR dry. You can wipe it dry, but even if you don’t see any water droplets, there is still a certain amount of humidity. If you want to speed up the drying time, I suppose you could use your hair dryer on the cool setting.

    -Sometimes if the cup is full I leak if I have to poo, so I just take it out and then put it back in when I’m done. I have pushed pretty hard but I have never pushed the cup out when using the bathroom. When I used tampons they would be so soaked & slippery I’d end up pushing them out just going pee.

    -Someone suggested that if you are using public bathrooms you could bring a ziplock baggie & those thin latex gloves that you see at doctors offices (check any pharmacy) to switch cups so you don’t have to wash the first cup or your hands where people can see.

    -Baby wipes! They are awesome for cleaning up a bit when you change your cup, or just need to use the bathroom anyway. They’re so handy I always have some in my bag no matter the time of month. -& no, I’m not a mom.

    -When I’m horizontal (sleeping) blood just kind of pools up, then when I stand it all wants to come out, now that gravity is helping it. I know that I have a minute before it makes it way down, so, when I wake up I immediately go to the bathroom to empty the cup and let all the excess out. (Remember I bleed a Lot)

    -I’ve been using Always Ultra Thin 10hr Overnight pads in combination with the super absorbency tampons. They are super absorbent, don’t carry odor, long enough to not overflow in that direction, and are thin enough to wear during the day. Seriously, they are as thin as a panty liner. I think it holds more than the tampon, too. Now I use 1 a night, instead of one every 1-2 hours or so.

    I will never go back to using tampons. I didn’t think I could love something like this (eew!), but I really do. I (almost) look forward to getting my period now.


    I filled the cup with 2o almost to the top, which is the maximum level of blood that it held when I pulled it out during my heaviest flow. As you can see in the photos, I can tilt the cup 45 degrees without spilling it. Even if you did spill, you can see that most of it is trapped under the funnel flap thingy. There would be actually very little in the opening to spill. I stuck the tampon plunger level with the bottom of the funnel to show how much h2o is actually in the opening as opposed to being fully trapped under the rim. I poured the h2o into a shot glass, then dipped the tampon in. At first it looks like it absorbed almost all the h2o, but I made a circle about as wide as the vaginal hole in its natural relaxed state & muscle pressure. (Yes, I know they can fit babies & such, but that is putting a lot of force & pressure against the vaginal walls.) FemmyCup holds 2x the h2o the tampon holds.
    review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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  9. I have been using the Femmy cup for 8months now; I love it. There’s a learning curve at first, but just stick with it. Youll get it down.
    I completely forget I’m on my period throughout the day. It’s an amazing feeling. The cup is comfortable; I have complete confidence when I wear light colored slacks and skirts. I can’t say enough good things about this product. This is the best alternative to tampons and pads.

  10. I’ve been using the Femmycycle for about 9 months and I love it. As a woman with a heavy flow, I love that the Femmycycle has larger capacity than any other cup I’ve tried and the design makes it spill-proof! The loop at the bottom also makes it far easier to remove than cups with a stem (which I usually would have to cut off anyway). I no longer worry about leaks in the night while I sleep and even on my heaviest days, I know I don’t have to even think about my period!

  11. The best cup, by far! No leaking, no spilling and super comfy!! Thank you!!

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