Pssst, hey you.

Yes, you… the bold, brilliant one who’s balancing their personal and professional life. We see you holding it all together, and we’d like to help with one thing on your plate…

…your period!

We know that living a life without boundaries means bleeding without worry. And that’s exactly why we’re here.

Hi! We’re FemmyCycle, and it’s so nice to meet you.

Our product was born from a desire to make lives easier. Safer. We created a range of products that blend in seamlessly with any lifestyle – products designed to keep our bodies and planet healthy, help the environment, and cut down on costs by saving you money.

Although we’re not the first menstrual cup on the scene (thank you Leona Watson Chalmers!), we felt it was time for some much needed innovation.

And innovate we did.

Invented by a women’s health doctor in 2013, FemmyCycle cups are custom and comfortable, providing hours of leak-free protection and easy removal.

The FemmyCycle menstrual cup looks different because it is different. We’ve got form and function covered. Our patented design features a half-moon shape, no-spill funnel, and soft removal ring (yep, we put a ring on it).

But really, our cup is more than a namesake. We provide eco-friendly menstrual products because we care deeply about the environment. We’re on a mission to educate and break down the walls surrounding menstruation and build a global community with access to safe, easy period care.

Having a period is as natural as it gets, and the creation of a sustainable product that helps nature do its best work is our top priority.

We wake up each morning with a passion to provide you with an outstanding period experience. A period that is comfortable – not a burden, not a chore, but a part of your life that doesn’t stop you from living it. A limitless period, built on freedom.

We don’t just want to change the game. We want to rewrite the rules.

We all bleed the same hue. Together, we can combine our shared experiences into one without bounds.

Here’s to being

Limitless. Period.


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