FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup - Frequently Asked Questions


How to remove a stuck FemmyCycle & prevent and release suction

In the case that your FemmyCycle becomes stuck, the first thing that you must do is RELAX your body, before continuing to try to remove it. Having a stuck menstrual cup is understandably scary, however, the more you panic the more your body will tense up. When your body is tense, your vaginal walls tighten and clamp even more around the menstrual cup, thus, making it very difficult and near impossible to remove. Please keep in mind that it may take several hours for your body to become fully relaxed.

The best way to remove a FemmyCycle that has gotten stuck is to wait until you are ready to have a bowel movement and sit on the toilet. As you push, place your hand under your vagina in order to catch the FemmyCycle when it comes out. Alternatively, you can RELAX and either lay on your back or squat down and push.

Once the cup is closer to your vaginal opening, you can either continue to push until it is completely out, or you can grip and squeeze (if you are able to do so) the bottom of the cup, while your finger also holds the removal ring, then wiggle gently to until it comes out. However, please keep in mind that your pushing muscles are most engaged while you have a bowel movement.

Prevent & Release Suction
Although suction is mild and harmless, you can still minimize and release suction by the following instructions: 

When folding the cup for insertion, compress ONLY the rim, not the body, of the cup to keep AIR inside the cup. The Tulip or the punch down fold holds more air than the “C” fold. Either way, keep the rounded part of the fold facing up or towards your urethra/pubic bone. Insert it very slowly and stop inserting once the removal ring has entered the vaginal opening. If suction does still occur once inserted, please follow instructions from the above paragraphs.

Please watch the videos below for visual and audio instruction:

How to prevent and release suction:


How to remove a stuck FemmyCycle:

If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us:


Does FemmyCycle Cause Prolapse?

No, FemmyCycle does not cause prolapse. The use of a menstrual cup could however, unmask cervical prolapse that was already present but had not produced any symptoms for a woman to recognize the condition.

Prolapse of the cervix & uterus is actually very common. Up to 50% of women have some degree of prolapse and many of them have never used any type of menstrual cup.

Prolapse of the cervix & uterus is caused when the normal support of the vagina is lost due to the weakening of pelvic muscles and stretching of the supporting ligaments.

These muscles become weak to the point they can no longer suspend the uterus within the pelvis. Some examples that could cause muscle weakness are: vaginal delivery, chronic coughing, constipation or even heavy lifting.

FemmyCycle is the only menstrual cup brand that offers a low cervix device.  This was designed specifically for women who have a lower than average cervix but definitely NOT for woman who have a higher degree of prolapse.

**WARNING: Never use the low cervix or any FemmyCycle if you have any degree of prolapse or a cervix that measures less than 2″ from the vaginal opening.**

Can the FemmyCycle Cause Cervical Prolapse? Short Answer: NO.

This video demonstrates how to accurately measure your cervix to determine which FemmyCycle is right for you.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

info@FemmyCycle.com or 858-283-3706

What is the FemmyCycle?

The FemmyCycle is an innovative menstrual cup invented by a doctor.  Unlike traditional menstrual cups, the FemmyCycle features a patented no-spill foldable rim for less mess, an easy removal ring for comfort and three sizes based on the height of the cervix.

The FemmyCycle is an environmentally friendly alternative to tampons – although it is inserted into the vagina like a tampon, it collects menstrual blood instead of absorbing it. Made in the USA of 100% soft, medical grade silicone, the FemmyCycle menstrual cup is reusable for up to 2 years, reducing waste and saving money. Many users also report more comfortable periods when they switch from tampons to the FemmyCycle.

End period stigma

How do I measure my cervix level and order the correct size FemmyCycle?

The FemmyCycle comes in three different sizes, and was designed to contour to the different curves of women, direct the flow of blood, and to ensure no spilling. However, the Femmycycles are still comfortable to wear, and as easy as other cups to insert. The Regular size which is our largest cup, was designed for women who have either given birth; especially vaginally, or have heavier menstrual cycles. The Low cervix was designed for women who have shorter vaginas. The Petite (formerly known as Teen)  is our smallest cup, and was designed for teens, women who have never given birth, have lighter menstrual cycles or are a petite women.

CHOOSING FEMMYCYCLE SIZE: When choosing which model of FemmyCycle is the right one for your use, you need to determine the distance from the vaginal opening to the cervix. Because the cervix moves down during menstruation, please measure during your period to get the most accurate measurement.

  • To locate your cervix: Stand with one foot on the toilet seat and insert your index finger into your vagina:
  • > If your finger is inserted as far as it will go and you do not feel your cervix, the best choice for you is the REGULAR FemmyCycle.
  • > If your finger is inserted as far as will go, but you can just touch your cervix, the best choice for you is also the REGULAR FemmyCycle.
  • In addition, The Regular size was also designed for women who have given birth or have heavier menstrual cycles.
    • >If you are a teenager, a petite woman, have never been pregnant, or have lighter periods, please order the PETITE size (formerly called TEEN).
  • If you can ONLY insert your finger until the SECOND knuckle(2″), the best choice for you is the LOW CERVIX FemmyCycle.
  • Note: However, FemmyCycle cannot be used with a very low cervix any lower than 2 knuckle lenghts (or less than 2″), or with any degree of prolapse.
  • If you can touch your cervix when inserting ONLY one knuckle, then you are advised to DO NOT order FemmyCycle.

rule of thumb to keep in mind: If you are able to insert your entire index finger into your vagina (with or without actually touching your cervix), then you very likely have an average to high cervix. However, if you are only partially able to insert your index finger, then you very likely have a low cervix. However, just keep in mind that it is best to measure yourself while on your cycle since your cervix will lower during menstruation.

Refer to video below, which demonstrates how to accurately measure your cervix; in order, to determine your correct FemmyCycle size. 


Using FemmyCycle with an inverted or tilted cervix

If a woman has a tilted or inverted cervix, it usualy is not recommended to use the FemmyCycle. In this case, the menstrual blood isn’t able to flow directly into the menstrual cup. Therefore, leaking of menstrual fluid is likely to occur.   However, there have been success stories from women with this same issue.


How to properly use the FemmyCycle

Insertion and positioning is everything when it comes to proper use of the FemmyCycle. First, fold the cup into a “C” (cup will be shaped like a tampon) and insert with the fold facing down.

“C” Fold Step 1
“C” Fold Step 2 – insert with rounded part toward urethra


Once inserted the cup will open up on its own as much as it needs to. Do not worry about it not unfolding all the way, it will still function properly and catch the blood. The FemmyCycle is designed to not open fully inside the vagina. Refer to diagram below:

Once inserted, only insert until the removal strap sitting inside the vaginal opening or resting on the vaginal opening. It is even OK if it hangs out a little, as this will make removal easier and ensure that the cup isn’t too close to your cervix. If the cup sits too close to your cervix it may cause suction, leaking, or difficulty in removing. Upon removal, secure removal strap by hooking one finger into it, then wiggle cup until completely removed. Warning: DO NOT pull cup directly out (may cause suction). You can even squeeze the bottom of the cup to break the suction.

Is the FemmyCycle easy to clean?

FemmyCycle is easy to clean, and you have a few options. Usually, soap and hot water is sufficient enough. However,if you would  prefer to take it a step further, Simply empty the contents into the toilet and use liquid soap and warm water to clean the cup, then rinse thoroughly.

You can also sterilize FemmyCycle twice a month, before and after your period by soaking the cup in a white vinegar (or bleach) with hot water (1 part vinegar or bleach (25%), and 3 parts water (75%))for 30 minutes, also rinse thoroughly afterwards.

You also have the option to boil the cup for 5 minutes; however, try to limit this process to once per month or even once every other month so that you don’t compromise the silicone or functionality of the FemmyCycle. Otherwise, soap and warm water would be completely sufficient enough; however, DO NOT ever put it in the microwave.

In addition, We also carry a cleaner that is especially designed to clean menstrual cups. It thoroughly cleans the menstrual blood from the cup and removes any other bacteria. While it is also lightweight and discrete. If you would like to check it out, you can do so by visiting: https://femmycycle.com/product/femmycycle-cleaner/


Check out the video below

Will I feel the FemmyCycle while using it?

Not at all. FemmyCycle is very comfortable and discreet as a tampon.

Does the FemmyCycle leak overnight?

FemmyCycle has 12 hour leak protection so it’s very effective for overnight use.

What is the size and holding capacity of the FemmyCycle?

The Regular size FemmyCycle measures at 2″ (U.S. inches) tall (from the bottom of the removal strap, to the base)  (3″ tall with strap) and 1″ 1/4 across the base; while the Teen size measures only 1″ 1/2 tall (from the bottom of the removal strap, to the base) (2″ 1/4 with strap) and also 1″ 1/4 across the base. The Low cervix measures 1 ¾” tall (2” with strap) and 1 “½ across the base. 

The average menstrual flow during an entire period is about 1-1.5 oz  (30-45 ml) or roughly 2 to 3 tablespoons per day; thus, you can be assured that FemmyCycle can effectively collect the menstrual flow for up to 12 hours (more or less depending on menstrual flow). FemmyCycle comes in three sizes (Regular, Low Cervix and Petite (formerly called Teen)) to accommodate and contour to almost all women.

The Regular FemmyCycle can hold roughly  18-25 ml of blood (.6 – 1 ounce),  the Low Cervix FemmyCycle can hold roughly 11-15 ml of blood (.4-1/2 ounce) , prior to needing to empty. While, the Teen FemmyCycle can hold roughly 9-10 ml (1/3 of an ounce); in order, to accommodate women that require a smaller cup, while still having a high capacity to hold blood.

How is the FemmyCycle different from other menstrual cups?

FemmyCycle has a unique design and foldable rim that keeps the menstrual flow inside the cup no matter how you move and a ring for easy removal. Also, unlike many other menstrual cups, FemmyCycle does not have any holes at the rim, is transparent, and has no other imprinting or coloring that might make the cup harder to clean. It has no engraving in order to avoid any possibility of creating a place for bacteria or viruses to hide.

How long does the FemmyCycle last before I must replace it?

FemmyCycle can last up to two years with proper care.

Why do I need to replace the FemmyCycle each year or two while other menstrual cups can last up to 10 years?

It is well established that some yeast or fungal organisms can grow on silicone devices and become harmful after two years, possibily causing persistent yeast infections. Using a new FemmyCycle every two years will minimize the possibility of fungal growth. Even with a yearly replacement, FemmyCycle is still more economical and environmentally friendly than pads or tampons.

Most other menstrual cup manufacturers often fail to mention this potential risk to consumers.

Can I have intercourse while using the FemmyCycle?

It is not recommended to have penetrative intercourse while using FemmyCycle. FemmyCycle could create suction, and become very difficult to remove. In addition, it would likely affect the collection the menstrual blood.

Do blood clots obstruct the opening of the FemmyCycle?

Not at all. The blood in its fluid state can get into the hole of the lid, even if it is folded. Also softer blood clots can get squeezed into the opening of the lid due to the vacuum effect inside the cup. Cleaning FemmyCycle is easy even with big blood clots.

Will I notice odor when I am using the FemmyCycle?

You won’t notice odor, nor will anyone else.

Replacement Policy

At FemmyCycle, customer happiness is our main focus and we strive to exceed your expectations.  As everyone’s body is unique to themselves, if you feel that you have received the wrong size that works best for you, or if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email below and we will happily assist you. Because the FemmyCycle is regulated as a medical product the product cannot be returned, but if you feel there issue with the product you received, please reach out within 60 days and we will happily send you a replacement.

Phone: 619.930.7075

Email: info@femmycycle.com



Tracking FemmyCycle order

Once you place an order through FemmyCycle.com.
Please allow for your order to be packaged and shipped.
Once your order has been packaged and shipped, you will receive an order confirmation containing your tracking number and carrier via email.
After you have your tracking number, you can follow the progress of your order; in addition, to location and exact time of arrival.

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