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FemmyCycle at PeriodCon 2019!

FemmyCycle Representative’s Julia and Alicia (wo)manned the booth at PeriodCon January of 2019 in NYC.  PeriodCon is a weekend long event celebrating the progress and accomplishments of the Menstrual Movement as well as planning ahead to how the movement can change thousands more lives state by state and  month by month.

 (photo by Chloe Belangia)

Spearheaded by Nadya Okamoto and her non-profit, Period. , the Menstrual Movement aims to eliminate period poverty. Period Poverty is an epidemic that leaves 1 in 5 menstruators of all ages without access to menstrual products.

Targeting schools, shelters and prisons, the Menstrual Movement has provided thousands of products to thousands of women country-wide.  Aspiring to pass legislation that protects women and menstruations at the federal level, PeriodCon featured speakers such as Former Senator Wendy Davis of Deeds Not Words, Cycles and Sex Founder Lauren Bille, as well as dozens of other entrepreneurs, scientists, and activists of all ages and genders.  Alongside FemmyCycle, sponsors included Thinx, Tampax, Diva Cup and Aunt Flo to name a few. It was an inspiring weekend that FemmyCycle was honored to be a part of.

 (Photo by Grace Lin)

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