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How is FemmyCycle Different than Other Menstrual Cups on the Market?

You may be wondering, “what makes FemmyCycle different from other available menstrual cups and why should I choose FemmyCycle over other menstrual cup brands?”

Well, look no further because we’ve got your answers!

FemmyCycle’s Different Appearance

A variety of menstrual cups that show FemmyCycle's different look
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You’ll see right off the bat that FemmyCycle looks different than most menstrual cups on the market. The FemmyCycle is shaped like a rounded wine glass with a soft, flexible removal loop and a wide brim opening. The round shape actually helps prevent the cup from being accidentally pushed out.

The unique brim is equipped with…get this…a patented no-spill feature!

This not only makes removal much easier- it’s also LESS MESSY!

FemmyCycle’s no spill feature is so reliable that when the no-spill rim is inverted (pushed down) into the cup, you can hold it upside down without spilling!

FemmyCycle filled with red liquid turned upside down and not spilling

Traditional menstrual cups are cone shaped with a firm removal stem and a wide open top- an open top that can make for messy removal and easy spillage. There is no way to contain the cup contents without risking spillage. FemmyCycle is the only cup on the market with the patented no-spill feature.

That firm removal stem is a major reason that traditional menstrual cups can be uncomfortable, poking you in all the wrong places! Many people end up cutting the stem to deal with this. The FemmyCycle has solved this problem for you by replacing the stem with a soft, flexible ring. Not only does this make using the cup much more comfortable, it also makes removing it so much easier.

FemmyCycle’s Unique Sizing

FemmyCycle three sizes: Regular, Low Cervix, and Petite with FemmyCycle logo

The FemmyCycle and most other menstrual cups come in three sizes, but how size is determined differs. The recommended size FemmyCycle is determined by the location of your cervix, not your age like most other cups. This is important because finding the right cup needs to be based on your body and the positioning of your cervix. In order to work and be comfortable, the menstrual cup must be positioned below your cervix.

Don’t know what your cervix is or how to find it? Well, no worries because we’re here to explain that, too!

Drawing of uterus and cervix in the body and an upclose image of the front of the cervix
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Your cervix is the lowest part of the uterus (womb) that extends into the vagina. You can feel it at the back of your vagina with your finger. It’s what your gynecologist looks at during a pelvic exam. If you touch it with your finger, it will feel similar to the tip of your nose and the vaginal walls will feel more like your bottom lip. The cervix has an opening in the center (called the os) which allows for three main things:

  • Release of menstrual blood and cervical mucous
  • Sperm entry into the uterus
  • Passage of a baby from the uterus into the birth canal (vagina)

Our sizes include:

To learn exactly how to find your cervix and order the correct size, please see our blog, How to Choose the Correct Size FemmyCycle.

Still not sure about FemmyCycle versus other menstrual cups? Check out our video showing you exactly how we stand out from the crowd!

If you have any questions prior to ordering your FemmyCycle, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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