What Our Customers Have to Say

“This cup is incredible and the one you want if you like zero leakage!!”

Verified Buyer

I felt nothing and ended up realizing that despite fairly heavy early menstrual flow there was ZERO leakage. Like, pee/wipe and the toilet paper is white kind of NO leakage. I was pretty shocked and happy, and found that indeed there was flow, it just was all captured and held in the cup. WOW!!! Yesterday I wore it and experienced NO leakage. Last night I changed it out a bit later and wore it overnight with NO leakage. Today, same. And every time I inserted it, it seemed totally folded up in there but worked perfectly anyway. I am absolutely blown away by this cup and SO SO happy that I tried it. I will never go back to the others, and I am an extremely happy customer. Please, do yourself a favor and TRY THIS ONE!!!! FemmyCycle for the win!

“First time femmy”

Verified Buyer

The low cervix Femmy cup is super small but don’t let its looks deceive you. This is my first femmy cup and I’m in love already. It’s very comfortable.

“My new favorite way to forget I’m having a period!”

Verified Buyer

I'm a 32 yr old petite mom to 3: I had a moment not too long ago where I decided that "the world must have come up with a more comfortable, practical and sustainable solution to periods by now"... I hate the swamp of pads and tampons! So I went on a YouTube search and explored the world of menstrual cups. I ordered the low cervix and love it like I couldn't have imagined to be possible!! After practicing with other cups I'm so glad I gave this a try. It's my new best friend.