What Our Customers Have to Say

“Jackpot. Period? Oh, I forgot I was even on it.”

Verified Buyer

This cup is amazing. I love it so much! I work very busy 12 hour shifts which make it difficult to deal with my period while at work. Having this comfortable cup that stays in place is a godsend for me. I forgot I was wearing anything a few times during the first cycle with this cup. I totally forgot I was even on my period. It stays in place really well, and is pill-proof during removal!

“My new freedom”

Verified Buyer

When I first used the product I was concerned about how soft the cup was and that it would leak. The shape is perfect for me. Even when full to the point of over flow it still didn't leak. This is also the first cup that I don't feel, and forget I'm even using it. Using a menstrual cup gives freedom from wearing pads that make one feel like they’re wearing a diaper, or a tampon that doesn't always do its job.... I wish I had this when I got my first period "years ago".

“FINALLY!!!! Cups that fit and work for the shorties!”

Verified Buyer

love! I have a short cervix and finally figured out why my diva cup and the others I tried were so hit and miss with leaks and so uncomfortable. I can't feel these at all. I haven't tried the regular size one yet but figure I'll give it a shot. I'm 30 and have no kids and the teen and short cervix ones work well for me. Can not feel at all. So nice! Great design. Fast delivery. A little pricey but saves money buying a bunch of random ones as there aren't many options for short cervix ladies. Will buy again.