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The FemmyCycle Regular menstrual cup is your new favorite menstrual product. With a patented no-spill design, the FemmyCycle drastically reduces the mess associated with other products and makes your period leak free! The soft and flexible silicone makes this one of the most comfortable cups out there – just see our reviews!

FemmyCycle Regular menstrual cup features:

• Patented no-spill design for less mess

• Removal ring for comfort and ease of use

• Effective for up to 12 hours

• Reusable – saves money & the environment

• Designed by a doctor

• Made in the USA

• 100% Soft Medical Grade Silicone

• Vegan

Read below for information regarding size selection.
Note: DO NOT use with a very low cervix, lower than 2” from the vaginal opening, or with any degree of prolapse.


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The FemmyCycle is a revolutionary menstrual cup unlike any other cup on the market. Invented by a doctor, the FemmyCycle menstrual cup features a patented no-spill design for less mess, a flexible removal ring for comfort, and is made from the softest medical grade silicone. The FemmyCycle Regular is easy to use, making it a great choice for first time cup users. It can hold up to 30ml of fluid. With up to 12 hours of leak-free protection, the FemmyCycle can be used overnight, during exercise, and throughout your day. Ready for your best period ever? Get your FemmyCycle today!

When choosing which size FemmyCycle is the right one for you, you will first need to find and measure your cervix. Please follow these very easy instructions to locate your cervix. To get the most accurate measurement, maker sure to measure during menstruation since the cervix will be lowest at this time.

Stand with one leg raised up on the toilet seat, and insert your index finger into your vagina:

• If your finger is inserted as far as it will go and you do not feel the cervix, the best choice for you is the Regular FemmyCycle. The cervix feels more like the tip of your nose and the rest of the vagina will feel like the insides of your cheeks.

• If your finger is inserted as far as will go, but you can just touch your cervix, the best choice for you is the Regular FemmyCycle.

• If you can only insert your finger until the second knuckle, the best choice for you is the Low Cervix FemmyCycle.

• Note: DO NOT use the Low Cervix FemmyCycle with a very low cervix, one that is less than 2” from the vaginal opening, or any degree of prolapse. Doing so may result in discomfort and leaking.

Sizes Diameter of the rim Height without the removal ring Height with the removal ring Capacity
Teen 3.1 cm 3.8 cm 5.7 cm 17.5 mL
Regular 3.6 cm 4.3 cm 6.3 cm 30 mL
Low Cervix 3.6 cm 4.3 cm 5.0 cm 30 mL

Note: DO NOT use the FemmyCycle (any size) with a very low cervix, one that is lower than 2” from the vaginal opening, or if there is any degree of prolapse. 

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6 reviews for FemmyCycle Regular

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    Fantastic! I have the femmecycle low cervix cup. It doesn’t leak. I can leave it in for 12 hours. The suction is fantastic so it doesn’t fall out of place. At first I thought it was massive to fit inside me but it scrunches up a bit at first so doesn’t hurt at all. I can’t feel it once it’s in either. Fantastic all round for me. Thank you :))

  2. :

    Love this! I got the regular size FemmyCycle and it’s even better than I hoped for. Just got done trying it through my whole cycle for the first time and I couldn’t be happier. The first time I put it in I didn’t do something right because when I checked it an hour or 2 later it wasn’t catching my flow but the second time I got it in perfect and every time since. I just think I didn’t insert it slow enough for it to open up enough. As it says it does not need to open all the way to work but I just didn’t get the suction right I think. The femmycycle is extremely easy to use once you get a hang of it and as it says doesn’t leak! I wore my thinx undies just in case but didn’t run into any leaks at all. I used it for 12 hours at a time and slept with it in. I will say be prepared to get very comfortable and familiar with your body that’s for sure. You don’t feel it at all when inserted correctly and it was very easy to remove as well. I am definitely a believer of the menstrual cup, goodbye tampons and pads!!

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    It took me a while to get used to this cup as it doesn’t “pop open” like my old moon cup did and it was hard to figure out (until it was too late) if it was inserted properly. But I’m glad to say I persevered and now I’ve been 100% tampon free for at least two years now. I’ve even cut way down on pantiliner use and only need them as backup on heavy days. My old moon cup always had SOME leakage. I would say the only downside to the FC is that the flap design that helps with leakage also makes it a lot messier to dump as you need to get both hands involved to pour contents in the toilet. BUT the extra added leakage protection the flap provides makes it worth it.
    Femmy cycle FTW!
    Though the name is simply terrible and I cringe when I have to say it out loud to friends.

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    I am new to menstrual cups. I chose this after MUCH research especially liked you tube videos by JustKelly.

    I still cannot believe this thing is comfortable and WORKS! I’m a heavy bleeder and about filled up the big one in just a few hours but it was still working and was not messy at all. It takes a minute the first few times to get used to putting it in. I think the leg up on the sink or toilet stance works best. The removal was a bit uncomfortable for me because the suction was SO tight. But hey if it gets me off pads and tampons I can deal. I love that it comes with 2. The small one was too far up during removal so it took awhile to get out but the big Bertha was easy to grab on to and pull out. I totes recommend!

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    I’ve been using my Femmy Cycle cup for a year now and I can’t recommend it enough. For anyone who is able to use a menstrual cup, this is the one to try. This cup allows for the absolute minimum interaction with your period throughout your bleeding days, I find myself emptying it in the morning and once before bed and otherwise not giving it much thought! The design is wonderful, I’ve never experienced accidental spills due to it’s inverted rim shape. The small indentation in the side indicates where to fold it for insertion, and the ring allows for even easier removal. I also have an IUD and as long as the suction is released before removal, everything is simple, safe, and painless.
    I love not contributing to the massive amount of landfill that traditional period products create.
    Thank you Femmycycle for making my period easier, more environmentally friendly, and *Free*!

  6. (verified owner) :

    My sister put me onto your product. I find it easy to use. First time was a little tiny bit leaky, however I removed and reinserted and voila, fixed. I tend to find when I insert, I then use one finger to push gently on the bowl where the ”hook” is located which seems to ”inflate” the bowl perfectly. I have no release problems, however do note that I remove very slowly to give the cup the opportunity to slowly slide out. Inserted correctly you do not even know it is in. Safe, environmentally friendly and easy to use. Well done.

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