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"One of the best purchases of my life"

Verified Buyer

It holds a TON. Even when I expect it to be filled to the top, it has only been *maybe* 1/2 full. The FemmyCycle does not move like other cups did for me when I coughed, sneezed or had a bowel movement. It stays completely in place regardless of any of this or how active I am!

"Very impressed with this cup"

Verified Buyer

I like the ring on the bottom that makes it easy to pull out, it’s much more comfortable than a stem. I honestly cannot feel this cup when it is in. I know every menstrual product boasts that you can't feel it, but honestly, this is the only thing I can use and actually not feel.

"My new go-to cup"

Verified Buyer

I've been using another, more traditionally shaped cup I got from Amazon (Luna Cup) but I've always had problems with it leaking, especially at night. I normally have to wear what I call my "period shorts" to bed because it's inevitable I will wake up with some kind of leakage (sometimes even enough to get through to the sheets). I've worn this FemmyCycle for a full period now and it is amazing. I haven't had a single leak, I no longer have to wear my "period shorts" to bed.