What Our Customers Have to Say

“Life-changing! I almost forget when I’m on my period now.”

Verified Buyer

I don't write a ton of reviews, but had to for this product.

For me, it was life-changing! The product design is simply ingenious. I just can't say enough how magical this thing is! I told my husband I almost forget when I'm on my period now. No more fussing, worrying, wearing bulky pads and black spandex shorts to bed, filling my purse to the brim with a pile of tampons, toting around a tube of Preparation H just in case I lodge a tampon in the wrong spot and wreaks havoc on its neighboring compartment....I'm finally free. FREE!!! Thank you, Femmy Cup!!!!!

“Takes some time to master but WORTH IT.”

Verified Buyer

I purchased FemmyCycle because I wanted to 'green' my menstrual cycle - no more wasteful cotton tampons. I previously tried another cup - which caused me a good deal of pain and I felt was too large for me (even though it was a small). I initially looked into FemmyCycle because of the 'petite' option, which I believe is the smallest circumference cup on the market, but the no-spill, form fitting, and ring pull design was also a significant contributor to my decision to purchase. I find it comfortable, and after 3 or 4 cycles of use, easy to insert and leak-free.

I do not get the dryness I used to experience when I used tampons, I can generally leave the cup in all day (insert/empty in the morning, empty/reinsert in the evening). I can use the restroom with it in without issue, or concerns over cleanliness since there's no absorbent string to possibly get dirty. The ring is MUCH easier for me to hook and remove and FAR more comfortable than the stem on other cups.

“It has changed my life for the better!”

Verified Buyer

Excellent, comfortable cup and easy to use. Because it is was designed by a doctor and for women’s anatomy I was eager to try it. Tried two other types of cups before the femmycycle small/petite. Diva cup was way too stiff and firm, impossible to remove (husband had to remove due to me running late for work).

But the FEMMYCYCLE is the best cup ever! I wish I would have tried it long time ago! It has changed my life for the better. Since I work 12 hour shifts at a hospital it is inconvenient to change pads/tampons every two hours. So changing FemmyCycle before and after work is cleaner and less time consuming. As I mentioned the lip to keep menses inside the cup is great. The ring makes it easy to place the cup and remove. Definitely worth a try!