Congratulations! You purchased your FemmyCycle cup and have chosen a safe, comfortable, reusable product to suit your period needs.

Our menstrual cups come in three sizes – Small, Regular, and Low Cervix – to account for varying cervix heights.

FemmyCycle menstrual cups are BPA-free and do not contain latex, dyes, plastic, PVC, or animal products. Our cups offer up to 12 hours of leak-free protection and include other features such as a no-spill lid and foldable interior rim (for maximum protection) that converts into an easy to empty funnel.

Whether you’re heading into work, getting active, or simply handling life, FemmyCycle menstrual cups were designed with your freedom and flexibility in mind.

As with any new product, it may take a few cycles to fully get the hang of using your FemmyCycle menstrual cup. But once you find your groove, the benefits are endless.

(For a digital copy of the FemmyCycle product instructions, please click here).


Use our sizing guide to find out if our Small, Regular, or Low Cervix style is best for you.


The FemmyCycle menstrual cup looks different because it is different. FemmyCycle’s patented design was created by a women’s health doctor to provide leak-free protection with the feel of a custom-fit. Made of soft 100% medical-grade silicone, the FemmyCycle cup provides comfort, ease, and peace of mind with a barely-there feel.

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It’s time to insert your cup! Be sure to wash your hands and follow the instructions below for a seamless process.

Get Comfortable

Make sure you are completely relaxed. Sit on the toilet with your knees apart, squat, or stand on one leg with the other leg resting on the toilet seat or tub.


Find the notch (indent) on the rim of the FemmyCycle cup. This notch will act as your north star to help guide you and find the fold that works best for you.

Fold down on the rim of the FemmyCycle cup, making sure to compress only the rim (and not the body of the cup itself). This will ensure there is air trapped inside the body of the cup.

Next, fold the cup using the method of your choosing. You may need to try different folds to find your favorite. We’ve included a few examples below.

C Fold

Flatten the cup and bring the two ends of the cup together to make a “C” fold. Rotate the cup horizontally to create a C-fold, with the notch now to the side of the cup.

You can also fold your FemmyCycle menstrual cup horizontally at the notch of the rim to form a “U” shape. The notch should now be at its highest point on the top of the half fold.



Tulip or “Punch Down” Fold

Using the punch-down fold, pinch down on the cup and place your finger in the middle. This will push the rim of the cup towards the base.



  • Hold the folded FemmyCycle menstrual cup firmly with your index finger and thumb. Using the other hand, separate your labia.
  • Insert the FemmyCycle menstrual cup very slowly. Moving at a slower speed will help the cup open up inside your vagina.
  • Slowly push the cup backwards towards your urethra/pubic bone. Once the removal ring has entered the vagina, insertion is complete. It’s totally okay if the removal ring hangs out slightly, as this will make removal easier and ensure that the cup isn’t too close to your cervix during use.
  • Once inserted, the rim will open enough to collect your menstrual flow.
  • The FemmyCycle menstrual cup is designed to not open fully. The cup is meant to mold to you (and not the other way around). If inserted properly, you should not feel any discomfort with your FemmyCycle menstrual cup.
Breathe and Enjoy

You did it! Enjoy up to 12 hours of leak-free protection and a limitless period.

  • Give your hands a good wash.
  • Insert one finger into the vagina, hooking your finger into the removal ring. It’s normal for the cup to move around after insertion. Be sure to take your time finding the removal ring.
  • Bear down as if having a bowel movement. This will make the cup easier to remove.
  • Angle the cup downward and slowly pull on the ring to wiggle the cup down and out until it is completely removed. You can also squeeze the bottom of the cup to release any suction before slowly removing via the removal ring.
  • Open the cup’s foldable rim and empty contents into the toilet, tub, or sink.
  • Wash your cup with the FemmyCycle cleanser or mild soap and water. Allow the FemmyCycle menstrual cup to air dry and store the cup in the FemmyCycle sack for later use.


To clean your FemmyCycle cup, pop out the funnel and rinse thoroughly using our FemmyCycle Cleanser or mild soap and water.

To take cleaning a step further, you can boil the cup in hot water for up to 3 minutes. We recommend limiting this process to only a few times a year to avoid compromising the quality of your silicone-based cup.

Be sure to wash your hands and clean your cup before and after each cycle.


Dry your cup thoroughly before storing in the FemmyCycle sack provided. Do not store your cup in an airtight container or in a damp environment.


Please consult with your physician before using FemmyCycle products if you have any medical or gynecological concerns. Contact a medical provider if you are unable to remove your menstrual cup after more than 12 hours.

Menstrual cups may be used with IUDs, but we recommend consulting with your physician first.

We recommend replacing your cup every two years. This is a standard guideline for medical devices and personal hygiene products. Please make sure to never dispose of your cups in the toilet.

The FemmyCycle menstrual cup should only be used during menstruation and should not be used during intercourse. Menstrual cups do not protect against pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. When in doubt, take it out.

If you experience any discomfort, pain, cramping irritation, or inflammation during or after FemmyCycle use, please remove your cup and contact your physician.

Do not use a menstrual cup if you have ever had Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS symptoms include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, dizziness, and fainting. Please contact your physician immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.


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